Severe Weather Expected to Hit Plains States This Week

A state of normalcy will be put into place for much of the central United States throughout the end of the week, as a severe weather outbreak is expected to ravage through the plains states. These states can expect the threat of tornadoes as a new storm system makes its way into the United States to start of the month of April.
On Tuesday, the overall threat for tornadoes will be low. An isolated severe storm will be present in northwest Texas and southwest Oklahoma, and will then scatter throughout the night presenting hail in parts of Kansas and Missouri.

Wednesday will present a medium threat throughout the mid-Mississippi Valley to northern Texas. Some of the cells that are predicted to hit these areas may create large tornadoes, along with large hail. This will only happen if these cells can overcome a suppressing cap in the atmosphere. The hail threat that is present will be in effect for the states farther north, such as Texas, Oklahoma, and southern Kansas.

The threat for severe weather increases as the days go on, and Thursday will have the highest threat for this week. A large cell of severe thunderstorms is predicted to affect downstate Illinois, eastern Texas, western Louisiana, and then will begin to sweep eastward into the evening, making its way into the lower Mississippi and Ohio valleys. The biggest threats for this system are tornadoes, large hail, and damaging straight-line winds. Also, some smaller cells in the Ohio Valley may produce large hail and very heavy rainfall throughout the day.

On Friday the threat level will decrease to just a medium risk. Scattered severe thunderstorms will form a line from the Ohio Valley and will move into the southeast. The most common threat from this system will be straight-line winds that have the potential to become very damaging. Tornadoes may also be a possibility in the Ohio and lower Tennessee Valleys.

These severe weather patterns are normal for this time of year, and it not unusual that severe weather begins ramping up in the beginning of springtime. It is always important to start any home repairs before the weather begins turning for the worst. It is also a good idea to have an emergency kit on hand because high gusting winds can cause power outages, along with a host of other factors such as heavy rainfall, hail and lightening. If you are stuck in your car when this severe weather hits, it is important that you pull over if you cannot see due to heavy rain. Also, if there is lightening striking, you should stay in your car and not get out. If you are outside when this occurs, run to the nearest building to take shelter. Never stand under trees when lightening is present outside!

Stay tuned to your local weather authority for more updates on this particular system or check out The Weather Channel for immediate updates when changes occur.