Severe Weather Arrives Bringing Tornadoes Into Missouri

Like normally in early April, people in the Midwest and South are dealing with spring thunderstorms which are dumping heavy rains and some hail. There has even been some suspected tornado activity that did some damage in Texas, Missouri and Illinois. This multiple day, severe weather event has affected over 42 million people living across a wide area of the country from the Gulf Coast to the Ohio Valley. On the heals of severe storms Wednesday cam another round of bad weather Thursday that resulted in flash flooding, a few water rescues and isolated evacuations.

Hail the size of golf balls pounded some areas of St. Louis this week, doing damage to numerous homes and automobiles. Up to six inches of rain fell over portions of Missouri during the past few days, making conditions favorable there for significant flooding events this spring.

There was a suspected tornado touch-down Thursday morning in a St. Louis suburb where some damages were reported. Forecasters are warning that before this weather event is over and an approaching cold front moves in, that there may be some tornadoes taking shape across parts of Texas, the Plains and the Mississippi and Ohio Valleys.

The National Weather Services warned that some of the wind gusts in the storms over the Plains and Midwest could at times reach speeds of up to 75 miles per hour through Friday morning. Winds that powerful can very easily topple whole trees, damage roofs and send objects flying while wiping out power to millions of people.

Flash flood warnings
were issued for Collin and Hunt counties in Texas Thursday evening. By 8pm, reports were coming in of significant flood damage to some homes in that area. One report said two homes had been severely damage or were “gone” in Celeste, TX. Rescue personnel from that community were dispatched to assess damages and to see if residents were OK.

Throughout the evening and nighttime hours Thursday, numerous tornado warnings were being issued for parts of Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. The National Weather Service warned residents in the Midwest to be on guard for the possibility of tornado warnings being put into effect overnight Thursday because it could be a “very active” night.

In University City, MO, a reported 100 yard wide EF1 tornado left a path of damage a half-mile long early Thursday morning. There were numerous reports coming in that the twister tore out trees and damaged roofs & fences while scattering debris across yards and roadways. The Office of Emergency Management in St. Louis said that approximately 100 homes sustained damage from that storm.